WeldEye® On Web

This is our cloud service with a standardized WeldEye version. This will ensure fixed IT costs, guaranteed uptime and availability as well as easy access to the latest version. This solution will suit small to medium sized companies best.

We have chosen Hatteland Solutions as a partner for this option, with one of the most secure computer centres in Europe. This mountain facility has EMP protected 80dB pulse suppression certification.

  • Encrypted communication (SSL, AES-128 bit)
  • Password requirements accoring to international standards
  • Automatic logout of inactive users
  • Redundant power supply and internet connections
  • Regular backup

WeldEye® on Web is a standard package and no customizations are delivered on this  product. If you require customizations or integrations please refer to our Welding quality system product. (Integrations with WeldEye PQ and ArcQ are supported)


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